To apply to join the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab as an undergraduate or masters student, complete this form. This includes: joining an existing project, or proposing a new project, directed research, or thesis research. To join as a PhD student read here or PostDoc read here.

Lab Director Kai Lukoff usually reviews responses to the form at the end of each quarter — selected students are then invited to start the following quarter. Unfortunately we currently receive many more student applications than we are able to accommodate due to space, funding, and time constraints.

Personal note from Kai: Participating in a research lab was a highlight of my time as an undergraduate, masters, and PhD student. For students who join our lab, I likewise aim for your time in the HCI Lab to be a highlight of your experience at SCU. For your entertainment, below is our lab experimenting with a 3D LiDAR camera in front of the Mission Church on our beautiful campus.